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What always stikes me when I talk to new (very tired) Mummys in the salon is the first thing they say when they sit down in front of me is "thank you Caroline for seeing me, I'm so excited about loosing the child for an hour and doing something for me!!".............lets face it it's bloody hard!!!!! I dont need to be sitting here typing and telling you that, you cant take a pee in peace, you cant have a shower without them head butting the shower door, you cant sleep in peace, you cant shop in peace (your buying yogurts instead of wine!!), your un-pedicured feet have lego brick indentations, you cant have a cup of tea in peace!!!! They are bloody relentlous!!!! Yes we love them so much we would do anything for them......but you still need to feel you!!!?!!

I remember saying to people after having the little belters, I just feel like I'm a Mummy and thats it, I've kinda lost who I am. You dont get to do anything you done for your selfish you anymore because you have little people that come first above all else. If me at the salon can give you a little bit back to you with having them come along rather than than saying to yourself "I cant get to the salon until I can get the muchkins out of my hair for an hour (even then you probably just want to sleep or go to the pub!!) and I dont want to ask the husband or the friend or the mother in law because they will just think I'm being selfish wanting to treat myself in a salon rather than going to the local bloody play area!!" Pop along and just sit and relax, have a cup of tea and do something that going to make yourself feel a little better.

I look forward to seeing you at the salon and we can talk cracked nipples, weaning foods, bed-wetting or we can talk about how you got this........your doing fine.

Caroline x

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