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Taming the Lady Garden

Being in the beauty industry for years, I always swore I would never get into waxing......ask me to do anything in the salon but that!!!! The thought of working with pubic hair freaked me right out, but alas I found myself in the position in the salon if I want this salon to succeed so do I!!! Man up and do the waxing course who knows you might even enjoy it. Well that is was I kept telling myself driving at 7.00am down the A1 toward the waxing course in Nottingham feeling more nervous the closer I came to it. The course was what I expected.... full of skinny blondes been sent by thier salon bosses, me the chunky Scottish bird in the corner being the only one that really did not want to be there!! The teacher was great and a very intersting, a lady full of knowlage about waxing every little hair off our bodies.......yikes!!!!! After working hard at the anatomy part of he course then came the practical part of the course!!!!! Oh dear Lord someone was going to have to wax my legs and lady garden (poor bloody soul) and I was going to HAVE to wax some involuntary victim. When I started the waxing of the legs I asked the girl every strip off "are you ok????!!!!" she must have been thinking will you just get on with it you mad cow!!!! Well what happened next shocked me to the core........... I was getting into this waxing malarkey, I found it incredibly, sadistically satisfying with every waxing strip I pulled at!!!!

I am well and truly converted into a waxing beautician!!!! I look forward to the waxing treatments coming in the salon now, yes I dont really get the job satisfaction I do transforming a nail biter into a talon queen.....but isnt it all about a veriety of our jobs that keeps it all a bit interesting?!??

I should probably mention we have the waxes of all waxes in the is a scrumptious berry scented Multiflex wax. The Multiflex in the hot wax means that it will not stick to the skin at all, it just wants to get tangled in the hair, it is very clever really and makes it all a good bit less painful!!! Which is what I want and what you want. I look forward to seeing you in the salon soon,


AKA Graffiti Beauty waxing queen!!

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