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The benefits of CND Shellac

The question I get all the time from new clients is "If I have Shellac (gel colour) on my nails will it not ruin them? I have heard that gel ruins your nails??!!!"

Shellac is revolutionary in that this superior product is pecifically designed to 'help' your nails not 'harm' them. I always start in explaining to my clients that this product is a 'armour protection' layer to the nail bed as well as making them look spectacular!! Helping to strengthen pealing, chipping, cracking nails. The science your colour layer is applied onto your nail bed and set under the uv lamp, tiny tunnels start to form into the set gel, this allows you to hydrate your nails with your 'CND Solar Oil' while wearing your Shellac! These tunnels have another little clever it comes to your removal appointment to change your Shellac colour, this now lets your removal product get working fast!!!! Shellac is THE only gel nail product that has an amazing 5 minute removal process, this has the benifits over other get systems that you are not soaking in an acetone abrassive product and filling onto the nail bed to remove your gel. This also applies to the application process of the gel, other nail systems need you to 'roughen' the nail bed to allow the gel to ateer, Shellac is applied directly onto a beautiful manicured nail surface.

CND Shellac has the top 5 reasons to choose this product....

1. 14 plus days of high performance wear

2. Crystal shine

3. Zero dry time

4. Amazing 5 minute removal


So if you have any nail issues that you would like to discuss with Caroline at Graffiti Beauty please feel free to pop into the salon to have a chat about being Shellac'd!!!!

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