Our amazing new Festive package covers all you 'Party People' to you 'Chillax Night In' kinda girlies.

With 6 treatments for £30.00 (silly saving!!!) to mix and match you can come to the salon and chill out with me myself and I or with a friend to chill and laugh with for the afternoon, alternatively you could come with your 'Dancin Queen' to get ready for that big night out....though once we make you over there is no gutter falling allowed.....you will look for to classy for that malarky!!!!

So get on over and get that booking made!!! I look forward to choosing some tunes whether it be big Lionel Rich or The Chemical Brothers.....we are here to pamper you whatever the mood ;)

What always stikes me when I talk to new (very tired) Mummys in the salon is the first thing they say when they sit down in front of me is "thank you Caroline for seeing me, I'm so excited about loosing the child for an hour and doing something for me!!".............lets face it it's bloody hard!!!!! I dont need to be sitting here typing and telling you that, you cant take a pee in peace, you cant have a shower without them head butting the shower door, you cant sleep in peace, you cant shop in peace (your buying yogurts instead of wine!!), your un-pedicured feet have lego brick indentations, you cant have a cup of tea in peace!!!! They are bloody relentlous!!!! Yes we love them so much we would do anything for them......but you still need to fe...

Being in the beauty industry for years, I always swore I would never get into waxing......ask me to do anything in the salon but that!!!! The thought of working with pubic hair freaked me right out, but alas I found myself in the position in the salon if I want this salon to succeed so do I!!! Man up and do the waxing course who knows you might even enjoy it. Well that is was I kept telling myself driving at 7.00am down the A1 toward the waxing course in Nottingham feeling more nervous the closer I came to it. The course was what I expected.... full of skinny blondes been sent by thier salon bosses, me the chunky Scottish bird in the corner being the only one that really did not want to be there!! The teacher was great and a very intersting, a l...

Graffiti Beauty is offering some awesome packages for Prom Night!!!

When I was at school we didnt have such a thing as a Prom, I wish we did looks so much fun when all those images start popping up on Facebook!

Prom is a night of celebration, an excuse to look amazingly gorgeous, girlie night out and a chance for Mums to look on at there little girls all grown up and being proud of the woman they have become #girlgang

At Graffiti Beauty we would be honoured to be a part of this night, we look forward to seeing all those beautiful girls coming into the salon beaming with excitement for us to............ 

////transform the nails into fabulous fingers (with a smack of glitter of course!!)

////tanning those legs made for dancing all night (wh...

The question I get all the time from new clients is "If I have Shellac (gel colour) on my nails will it not ruin them? I have heard that gel ruins your nails??!!!"

Shellac is revolutionary in that this superior product is pecifically designed to 'help' your nails not 'harm' them. I always start in explaining to my clients that this product is a 'armour protection' layer to the nail bed as well as making them look spectacular!!  Helping to strengthen pealing, chipping, cracking nails. The science bit........as your colour layer is applied onto your nail bed and set under the uv lamp, tiny tunnels start to form into the set gel, this allows you to hydrate your nails with your 'CND Solar Oil' while wearing your Shellac! These tunnels have another li...

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